Somalia Security (SS) Company

Somalia Security (SS) is a Somalia private security company, established in 2023, our team members are former special operations forces operators and international security experts with rich experiences. The company has systematic international service standards. We provide and deliver the best services to clients.

• Special Operation Force Training (SOFT)

• President Protection Team Training

• Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Training

• Counter /Anti Terrorism Training

• Close Protection Training

SSC provides security services in accordance with the ISO18788 standard (the standard of land international security services), ISO28007 standard (the standard of maritime international security services), and all security services of SSC comply with The Montreux Papers and International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

We provide integrated security solutions for Somalia government, foreign embassy, UN Facility, NGO, infrastructure, mining Area, Business Premises. We can provide armed security team, technical security design, safe rooms, security equipment, physical security design, close protection team,crisis response, Canine (K9) Security. We provide and deliver the best services to clients.

Access control systems design including fencing, lighting, intruder detection systems, CCTV, pass and permit issue, sensor monitoring and response.

Passenger screening systems – equipment and integration.

Checked/hold baggage screening systems design, construction and operate/maintain contracts.

Provide airport armed/unarmed security team to Somalia airport.

To set up anti-terrorism and emergency quick-response teams

• Maritime security risk intelligence

• Geography intelligence

• Coastline scouting

• Ship tracking

• Armed maritime security team

• Yacht security

• Security Risk Assessment

• Security Audits

• Enterprise/personal security solution

• Security Risk Intelligence

• Risk Warning

• Pick-Up Protection

• Person Tracking

• Travel Protection

• Emergency Response

• Protection Dogs

• Detection Dogs (drug dog, bomb dog)

• Search and Rescue dogs

• International dignitaries protection

• Armed protection teams (Including armored vehicles, Anti-IED vehicles)

From state-of-the-art surveillance and counter surveillance systems to access control, cyber security, blast protection, and reliable communication networks SSC can provide a range of bespoke technical systems. Our solutions are holistic, starting at the threat analysis all the way through to design, delivery, implementation and operation. By identifying the adequate solution for the threat level we optimize.